Lumin-awa Tako

Kalingafornia Laga Workshops

Kalingafornia Laga and Jenny Bawer Young are offering workshops focused on Kalinga traditional culture entitled Lumin-awa Tako – Let us Heal Together!

During this pandemic, there is a greater need for connection and healing. What better way than to stay rooted in our Filipino indigenous and traditional arts and cultural practices? During the summer and fall, we’re offering two series of workshops — one on Kalinga songs & chants and one on dances. The songs & chants series will run from June to August, and the dance series will run from September to November.

The cultural/artistic traditions of Kalinga are called “kopya” (way of life), meaning these aren’t created for artistry but as a conveyor to live life fully, unified by common values in community and in harmony with the environment. Kalinga cultural traditions expressed in songs, chants, and dances are fundamentally based on care, nurturance, enhancing unity and peace, connection to nature/community, and healing. This year, we hope to introduce the community to Kalinga kopya so that we may heal together.

Workshop dates:

Nov 14, 2021

Nov 28, 2021

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November 14, 2021

3:00 pm


Kalingafornia Laga

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