ACTA made 17 awards through the Sankofa Fund for Cultural Preservation in a new program supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission. The Sankofa Initiative is a re-granting program of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Arts Impact Endowment to support the healing and creativity…
A Program Administered by ACTA
Moving the Traditional Arts Online
Una serie de preguntas y respuestas con las artistas becarias de ACTA Luz Marlene Cordero y Dalila Mendez
A Q+A with ACTA Artist Fellows Luz Marlene Cordero and Dalila Mendez
Exploring Traditional Arts + Health
Building Health Equity on the Bedrock of Traditional Arts and Culture
Gathering with artists and friends in Logan Heights
ACTA Featured at Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival
How do artists find balance between growing and sustaining the work within their communities of practice with the desire to share and “teach” a wider public? Join us for a dynamic conversation on cultural sustainability with Los Angeles-based artists and cultural leaders, including Lucumí priest and folklorist Ysamur…